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Key points of welding joint design: under the condition of satisfying the requirement of welding penetration depth and weld density, small welding groove Angle and gap should be adopted.In the s275jr low alloy steel plate Angle joint, a symmetrical groove or a groove inclined to the side plate is used.Double - sided groove symmetric welding is used instead of single groove asymmetric welding.In a T-shaped or Angle joint, the end of the plate subjected to welding tensile stress in the thickness direction extends out of the joint weld zone.

High quality structural steel thick plate product s275jr low alloy steel plate dimension(mm): 40*2300*12000, 50*1780*7000, 16*2300*12000, 50*2500*10120, 55*1800*11900, 25*2300*12000, 50*2500*10060, 60*2500*8400, 60*2100*10000, 80*1920*6000, 130*2200*10000, 140*2200*10000, 55*1800*11550, 110*2320*8100, 40*1900*7350, 150*2200*10000, 45*2200*9000, 60*2500*8300, 40*2300*12000, 90*2440*12400, 125*1920*5000.

s275jr low alloy steel plate, S355J0 steel density is 7.85g/cm³. S355J0 density represents the mass per unit volume of S355J0 steel, which indirectly affects the price of S355J0 steel. Therefore, the density of S355J0 is also an important consideration for material selection. S355J0 steel tensile strength (σb / MPa):3

South Korean s275jr low alloy steel plate steel industry said that the slowdown in economic growth superimposed on the impact of the epidemic, steel demand weakened, exports were sluggish, enterprises are facing huge operating pressure. Due to the delay in the resumption of work of Chinese s275jr low alloy steel plate steel enterprises, the steel inventory is growing rapidly. According to statistics, China's steel circulation inventory reached 23.75 million tons in February, the highest since 2006, with an estimated total inventory of 33.45 million tons.

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