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BBN steel can manufacture and supply high strength steel S690QL plates that are of high-quality, very light and are corrosion resistant. As a result of steel s275jr superior quality, they can withstand high temperatures and pressure. EN 10025-6 Grade S690QL plates are known for their strength. Owing to this they can be used in processes and activities such as cranes, buildings, pipes and gates in hydroelectric projects.

Medium plate steel s275jr products size: 5.5*2250*11550, 5*2200*10100, 5*1500*4500, 6*1750*13000, 5*2700*12050, 5*2700*12050, 6*1800*5500, 6*1550*6000, 9*2000*6000, 5.5*2600*10100, 5*2500*11000, 7*1800*10450, 6*3080*6000, 9*2000*9000, 5.5*2600*11850, 6*3320*5000, 9*1760*7800, 6*3370*4100, 9*2400*9800, 7*1970*7050, 6*3240*5400, 9*1800*10000, 6*3380*4800, 7*2120*6400 and 9*2400*8500.

Stimulated by the positive macro news, today's steel s275jr futures trend fluctuated upwards, driving up spot prices. On the whole, the cost side is high, the inventory pressure is not great, and steel s275jr traders are cautiously optimistic. Although the short-term demand continuity still needs to be considered, the overall price bottom is supported. It is expected that the steel s275jr price may fluctuate at a high level tomorrow.

The company's main steel plate varieties: boiler pressure vessel plate, low alloy plate, high-strength plate, bridge plate, alloy plate, carbon steel, steel s275jr, wear-resistant plate, pipeline steel, nuclear power steel, wind power and hydropower steel, ship plate, building structural steel, die steel, military steel plate, hydrogen steel plate and various special steels.

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