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The company is based on the principle of good faith, small profits and quick sales, and keeps forging ahead. In the fierce market competition, with s275jr steel coils good cooperation and sincere service spirit, we win the trust of our customers and develop rapidly. We will create a win-win situation with our customers and create a better future with the belief of pioneering, pursuing excellence and learning.

S690QL high-strength steel is used for low temperature, high strength key components, construction machinery, mining machinery structure, etc. European standard high strength steel plate, s275jr steel coils, manufacturing various types of construction machinery, such as mining and various types of construction drilling rig, electric shovel, electric wheel dump truck, mining truck, excavator, loader, bulldozer, various types of cranes, coal mine hydraulic supports and other structural parts.

The company formulates appropriate s275jr steel coils product internal control components, strictly controls the fluctuation range of chemical components, and ensures the stability of steel plate performance. Strengthen batching control and smelting operations, effectively control the content of harmful elements such as Sn, Sb, As, Cu, and reduce the content of P and S to improve the purity of steel, reduce the tendency of temper embrittlement, and improve the high temperature corrosion resistance of steel. It adopts controlled heating to ensure heating time and temperature, and measures such as controlled rolling to ensure the inherent quality of the steel plate.

Service concept:Customer satisfaction is our value. Thank customers for their trust, respect their rights and interests, care about their needs, understand their concerns, realize their satisfaction and promote their success. Sincere and friendly, warm and thoughtful, relaxed and pleasant, considerate and tolerant. Attentive service, sincere care, professional excellence. The first-class famous products s275jr steel coils at home and abroad gather, and the outstanding charm of the East and the West radiates! Specialization, standardization, refinement, kinship.

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