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In 2018, one of our India customers visit Zhengzhou office building and work shop to discuss carbon steel Q235B grind plate technical request. They have strict surface and thickness tolerance, and they also request UT and MT for testing for Q235B grind plate. As a result, they purchase 179 tons as trial order for first cooperation. After using the gind plate, the India customer has good comment on our carbon steel plate s275jr quality. Till now, we keep exporting around 100 tons per month as regularly.

The non-metallic inclusions of the hot-rolled carbon steel plate s275jr steel sheet are elongated bands, which are not well combined with other metals. Therefore, compared with the anisotropy that can be observed from the shape and size of the crystal grains, the steel sheet has a larger potential The anisotropy results in poor ductility perpendicular to the rolling direction. The internal anisotropy of the carbon steel plate s275jr cold-rolled steel sheet can be alleviated by annealing.

Since the beginning of this year, the global carbon steel plate s275jr steel pipe industry, like many other industries, is facing severe market situation. The difference is that novel coronavirus pneumonia is not only affected by the epidemic, but also closely linked to the oil and gas industry, and the global carbon steel plate s275jr steel tube industry will also suffer from the "flash collapse" of international oil prices in March.

Steel prices in Europe are under downward pressure due to temporary shutdowns by auto makers in most of Europe and the disruption of trade flows due to reduced trade activity in the construction and other steel industries. Despite the import safeguard measures adopted in Europe, some key steel prices have reached a three-year low in 2019. At that time, the European market was oversupplied. Despite the import safeguard plan, the imports to the European Union remained at a historical high, and now the carbon steel plate s275jr and so on steel price is even close to the level of 2009.

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