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S500M steel is thermomechanically rolled weldable fine-grained structural steel. sheet steel s235jr for sale, S500M steel is non-alloy structural steel. The grade of S500M steel consists of the following parts: Symbol letter S: structural steel, the value of the yield strength of less than 16mm thickness: lower limit yield value , M represents its delivery status, which means thermomechanical rolling.

Special-shaped seamless pipe is the general term of seamless pipe with other cross-section shapes except circular pipe. According to the different shapes and sizes of steel pipe sections, it can be divided into equal wall thickness special-shaped seamless pipe (code D), unequal wall thickness special-shaped seamless pipe (code BD), variable diameter special-shaped seamless pipe (code BJ). sheet steel s235jr for sale. Special seamless pipe is widely used in all kinds of structural parts, tools and mechanical parts. Compared with the round pipe, the special-shaped pipe has larger inertia moment and section modulus, larger bending and torsion resistance, which can greatly reduce the structure weight and save steel.

Looking to the future, our company will make its main business more competitive while carrying out diversified, extensive, green and harmonious development modes, so as to be the most competitive sheet steel s235jr for sale producer in the world as well as a worldwide first-class enterprise. With ten years cooperation with these big mills, now we are the agent of super stainless steel mills in China.

Welcome to our company to purchase, our products are exported to all parts of the world every month, the quality is guaranteed, the sheet steel s235jr for sale price is very preferential. Therefore, it has won great trust and praise from customers. Every month, it needs to purchase some steel plates, steel pipes and other major products. If you have any need, please contact us in time!

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