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JIS G3101 s235jr mild steel sheet belongs to ordinary carbon structural steel grade, and the other grades of JIS G3101 are SS330, SS490, s235jr mild steel sheet and SS540. Related product types include steel plate, steel plate, section steel, steel pipe, etc.

The salesman of the company is familiar with all aspects of knowledge. Understand the company profile: group, company profile, various honor certification, enterprise's functional strength and other advantages analysis. Know the main product brand types and specifications of the company, and know the special knowledge of the product (production process and advantages of the product, simple identification method of product quality, etc.)

BBN STEEL s235jr mild steel sheet 2020 newly inventory in Shanghai(500tons)16*1524*5900, 5*2800*12000, 15*2000*12000, 6*2500*12000, 10*2120*926012.5*1820*6096, 10*2900*7350, 24*2650*11100, 5*2800*12000, 8*2600*1000016*1524*5900, 8*2800*11230, 19*2910*11025, 32*2700*11025, 10*2270*711010*2120*9260, 65*2100*6000, 22.5*2910*11025, 12*2050*7780, 14*2050*90008*2600*10000, 10*2270*7110, 36*2140*9150, 40*2910*11000, 57*1600*6000

The company specializes in steel plate cutting, wide and thick plate cutting, s235jr mild steel sheet, CNC cutting and other steel plate cutting processing. The company is strong, selling more than 10,000 tons of wide and heavy plates from major steel mills, with various specifications, excellent prices, and good quality. All the plates and charges sold by the company are handed over and accepted in accordance with the national standard.

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