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When automatic steel plate cutting is carried out, the distance difference between the steel plate hanging from the steel plate to the gas cutting platform should be adjusted to within 5mm.When semi-automatic cutting is carried out, the guide rail should be placed on the plane of the steel plate to be cut, and then the cutting machine should be placed lightly on the guide rail.Make one side of the cutting torch face the operator, choose the cutting nozzle according to the thickness of the steel plate, adjust the cutting straightness and cutting speed.

Cleveland cliffs announced on March 13 that it had completed the acquisition of AK price steel s275jr steel, foreign media reported In the transaction of holding), shareholders of Cleveland cliffs and AK steel respectively voted on the US billion acquisition agreement at their respective shareholders' meeting to complete the resolutions required for the announcement of acquisition of AK steel price steel s275jr at the beginning of the year. The acquisition is Cleveland cliffs' first foray into steel manufacturing.

We have efficient and quick logistic team service. We promise that after the customer places the order, the spot products will be shipped, processed, and cut on the same day. The steel price steel s275jr products will be shipped in 2-5 days according to the characteristics of the product. The company has always been adhering to the service concept of "integrity, pragmatism, enthusiasm" and dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality steel products and after-sales service.

High strength steel Q345B, GB/T 1591-2008 Q345B steel size and stock (mm):7*2200*6500, 15*1050*8000, 5.5*3000*3600, 15*2200*3650, 32*1800*0000, 7*1600*6000, 28.5*3240*5700, 43.5*1630*3900, 23*2980*3500, 46*750*11300, 6*1460*6000, 10*2500*10000, 40*1770*3350, 26*1830*3500, 26*1800*2800, 11*2890*2880, 26*1300*11000, 43.5*1600*3900, 14*2000*3100, 11*2800*3250, 36*1100*8650, 23.4*2280*2800.

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