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It is easy to confuse ship plate with ordinary steel plate. What are the differences between ship plate and ordinary steel plate? First, compared with the ordinary steel plate, the thickness of the ship plate is thicker and the accuracy is better. Otherwise, it will be broken by the impact of sea water during the operation, which will bring life danger to the personnel on the ship. Second, compared with ordinary steel plate, EN 10025 S420ML steel plate, the corrosion resistance of ship plate is more outstanding. The ship is immersed in sea water for a long time, if it does not have good corrosion resistance, then the ship plate will rust easily, and the weight of the ship will become larger, and it will also bring pollution to the sea water and cause ecological damage.

By Region: data shows that in the first quarter of Asia, crude steel EN 10025 S420ML steel plate production was 315.2 million tons, down 0.3% year on year. Crude steel production in the EU region in the first quarter was 38.3 million tons, down 10.0% year on year. The output of crude steel in North America in the first quarter was 29.5 million tons, down 4.0% year on year.

Temperature has a great influence on the strength of the material, EN 10025 S420ML steel plate. When the temperature exceeds a certain value, the strength limit of the steel will be reduced. The higher the temperature, the lower the strength. In addition, the longer the steel is used at high temperature, the lower the strength. Therefore, if the steel works at high temperature for a long time, the instantaneous strength of the steel can not be used as its performance index, nor can the room temperature performance replace the high temperature performance.

Global steel demand in 2021 is expected to increase by 4.9% year-on-year to 1.833 billion tons, such as container steel and pipeline steel. The equipment and storage tanks of the Zhejiang Petrochemical Phase II and Hengli Petrochemical Phase II projects currently under construction have brought demand support for container steel, and the steel demand for boilers, tank cars and other industries remains stable.

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