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In terms of ship steel, according to industry experts, steel is mainly used in the construction of ship hulls, cargo holds, piping systems (including pumps and valves) and part of ship decoration. In addition to being used to build conventional ships, steel also plays an important role in the construction of various special ships such as LNG (liquefied natural gas) ships, large oil tankers, large container ships, and chemical tankers.

India's Ministry of S420M material steel has extended the deadline for steel product certification from April 23 to three months as the Bureau of standards (BIS) has closed factories and laboratories due to the current blockade and travel ban. According to the order of the Ministry of Commerce, "the implementation date of the following Indian Standards is extended for three months after April 23, according to the notice of the order for S420M material steel products 2000."

Rolled sheet is a very common material in industrial construction. Rolled sheet at room temperature is cold-rolled sheet, and cold-rolled sheet is the rolling of hot-rolled coils below the recrystallization temperature. The hot-rolled sheet is rolled above the recrystallization temperature. So what is the difference between S420M material, hot rolled sheet and cold rolled sheet?

According to Indonesia's Minister of Energy and Mining, Arifin Tasrif, Indonesia has 23 ferronickel smelting plants. The Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Minerals expects that the production of ferronickel will rise to 2.1 million tons in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 45%. In 2020, Indonesia's ferronickel production will increase by 45%. The output is only 1.45 million tons.

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