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BBNsteel is specialized in supplying and exporting S355G7+M and material S460ML for sale. Steel S355G7+M is a structural grade steel supplied to the offshore industry. The material can be delivered as normalized (N) or thermo-mechanically rolled (M). Supplied in accordance with EN10225:2001, the steel offers good tensile and yield strength.

"Turkey has filed a lawsuit against EU steel import tariffs with the world trade organization, the trade ministry said Friday. In February 2019, the European Union said that the sharp increase of Turkish steel imports material S460ML for sale seriously threatened the steel producers in member countries. The European Union has set import quotas for 26 kinds of steel products and imposed a 25% tariff on future steel products for three years.

Large-thickness material S460ML for sale, Z35 grade steel plate is a kind of extra-thick steel plate that is applied under specific environmental conditions, such as the key parts such as the turbine seat ring and guide vane of the generator set. It has high requirements for safety, reliability, and long service life. Develop 200mm-300mm thick steel plate of Z35 level, to ensure that the layer tear resistance reaches Z35 level. 300mm thick Z35 grade steel plate can be used not only in the hydropower industry, but also in the manufacture of other large key equipment, and has broad prospects.

The volume of coal transferred from ports around the Bohai Sea rebounded slightly, but the overall inventory was low, and coal trading in the market showed a weak supply and demand situation. Moreover, the current state guarantees supply and underpricing signals are relatively clear, and continue to put pressure on the market. In addition, power plant inventories are running at a high level, the weather in southern my country is higher than that of the same period last year, and the terminal continues to accumulate, which has also curbed the excessive rise of coal prices to a certain extent.

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