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Welded steel pipes are made by crimping steel plates, bending them into a circle, and then welding the joints together. Seamless steel pipe is directly processed by round steel piercing or hot rolling process, so there is no weld on the outer surface. The performance of seamless steel pipe is better than that of welded steel pipe, and the price of seamless steel pipe is also higher. There are some differences in chemical composition between EN10025-4 S460ML steel, welded steel pipe and seamless steel pipe. The material of welded steel pipe contains the chemical composition suitable for welding.

Titanium microalloying is an element of EN10025-4 S460ML steel strengthening complex with carbon and nitrogen. The addition of micro amount of titanium in the steel can fix almost all nitrogen and part carbon in the steel, so as to eliminate the strain aging phenomenon and improve the aging impact performance of the steel. At the same time, it can refine the grains and change the morphology of the compounds. According to the atomic weight ratio of Ti and N in EN10025-4 S460ML steel tin formula (Ti = 3.4n), the content of Ti in steel should be controlled between 0.015 and 0.025%. Generally, the amount of ferrotitanium added to each ton of steel is 1kg.

According to a report by yonhap news agency on April 26, under the impact of COVID - 19 epidemic, the steel industry chain was also affected. Hyundai lost 29.7 billion won. According to the report, the automobile and other downstream steel industry production stoppage directly led to a precipita-like decline in steel demand, is the main reason for the decline in steel enterprise performance of the main reason for hyundai said, hyundai kia motor production extension, by the end of April is expected to reduce production of 500,000 vehicles, as a result, EN10025-4 S460ML steel, automotive steel demand will be reduced by 300,000 tons.

With equipment, technology, production technology, quality supervision and other leading advantages, we are leading in the production of all kinds of high-quality, high-tech medium, extra thick, extra wide steel plate EN10025-4 S460ML steel shaped parts. The cutting surface is smooth and clean, the cutting edge is neat, without secondary processing by users, and it can be installed and used directly according to the technical dimensions, with the characteristics of high coincidence rate of positive and negative tolerance and excellent quality. The processed steel products are mainly used in heavy machinery and equipment.

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