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The difference between steel grade S355ML, Q420D steel and Q460D steel: Q420D steel has good mechanical properties and weldability, good cold and hot workability. Q420D steel is mainly used for manufacturing mining machinery, heavy vehicles, ships, bridges, medium and high pressure boilers, vessels and other large welding and structural parts. steel grade S355ML, Q460D steel has high strength, good plasticity and toughness, good weldability and good cold and hot workability. Q460D steel is mainly used for manufacturing engineering machinery components, such as mining machinery, forklift truck, transport vehicle, bridge, medium and high pressure boiler and other large-scale welding structural parts.

steel grade S355ML 2020 stock in Shanghai: 25*1600*9300, 23.1*2590*7790, 25*1600*9300, 25*1600*9500, 14*1950*10800, 25*1600*9500, 20*1400*11400, 30*1600*8600, 30*2000*10200, 14*1950*10950, 25*1600*9300, 30*1600*8600, 9*2300*6870, 35*2500*9000, 9*2300*6870, 25*1600*9500, 9*2300*6870, 6*2000*10000, 20*1640*11250, 70*2270*7900, 6*2000*10000, 30*1600*8600.

For steel grade S355ML buyers, the impact of the rise and fall of steel grade S355ML prices is great. Because of the large amount of steel grade S355ML purchases and the large amount of funds involved, many steel grade S355ML purchasers will carefully consider the price issue, and some steel grade S355ML purchasers who are far away will also consider the freight issue. When the price of steel grade S355ML overall drops, a large number of steel grade S355ML buyers will hoard in large quantities. When steel grade S355ML prices rise, we should predict and stock up appropriately.

The characteristics of low cost and high quality as the core competitiveness of steel enterprises will continue. Li Xinchuang said: "my country's steel industry belongs to a perfectly competitive market, and no steel product can achieve long-term monopoly. Under high supply pressure, the overall operating efficiency of the steel industry will remain meager and periodical losses will become the new normal. Therefore, Cost reduction and efficiency enhancement of steel enterprises will be the eternal theme."

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