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The mechanical properties of ASTM A514 steel plate are similar to that of Q690 in China. The hardness of A514 steel plate is 235-290, yield strength is more than 630Mpa and tensile strength is more than 700MPa. S460ML mechanical properties, A514 Gr F steel plate is mostly used in places where high tensile strength and high yield strength are required, such as lifting gear of engineering vehicle, rack of large excavator and offshore platform.

Temperature has a great influence on the strength of the material, S460ML mechanical properties. When the temperature exceeds a certain value, the strength limit of the steel will be reduced. The higher the temperature, the lower the strength. In addition, the longer the steel is used at high temperature, the lower the strength. Therefore, if the steel works at high temperature for a long time, the instantaneous strength of the steel can not be used as its performance index, nor can the room temperature performance replace the high temperature performance.

The correct choice of billet type, section shape, size and weight are of great significance to S460ML mechanical properties steel rolling production. Steel rolling production has certain technical requirements for raw materials, such as steel type, section shape, size, weight, and surface quality. The consideration of these technical requirements is necessary to ensure the quality of steel. It should also be specifically considered when determining and selecting the blank. The S460ML mechanical properties rolling method can be divided into cold rolling and hot rolling according to the rolling temperature.

From the perspective of market conditions, today S460ML mechanical properties spot prices are operating smoothly, futures are volatile, and market acceptance is average. Merchants have a wait-and-see attitude. Low-price transactions are average, while high-price transactions are poor. Most merchants have daily transactions of 200-300 tons. between. For the market outlook, most merchants adopt the mode of selling more and lowering the warehouse, and are cautious about the later market.

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